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Helicopter flight and contract billing

Rotorcraft Leasing( is the largest privately owned helicopter leasing company serving the Gulf Coast. They average well over 2500 flights per week and we help them bill for those flights.

Rotorcraft Leasing services the Gulf Coast, California, Florida and other oilfields by providing transportation for offshore workers and mission critical parts to offshore drilling and production platforms.

They have a fleet of helicopters ranging from the 14 passenger Sikorsky 76 down to the Bell 206B model 5 passenger ship. From their start as a helicopter maintenance facility to their current status as largest privately owned fleet, Rotorcraft has always been about quality and service.

BroComp helps the management team stay on top of contract profitability and allows their office staff to get bills out on time and with accuracy. We interface to Sage Mas 90 to streamline the information flow from the pilot’s flight manifest to the customer’s invoice.

BroComp wrote a “from scratch” billing system to create a perfect fit software solution for their billing needs. We cut the invoicing lead time and allowed the flight data entry process to go from three persons down to one, all the while increasing the accuracy of the billing.