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Emergency Fueling Tracking

We’ve written a custom application for one of the largest disaster-response fueling companies in the United States. Macro Companies go where the power is out and fuel the generators that allow critical infrastructure continuity.

Macro Companies Emergency Fuel Management division responds to hurricanes, ice storms, earthquakes, wildfires and any other disaster that requires fuel to support critical operations. Their state-of-the-art fleet is ready at a moments notice to deploy to any point on the globe.

Macro deployed fueling systems to Haiti for the earthquake and they have responded to numerous hurricane disaster areas. They get the fuel to the equipment needed to restore power, maintain communications and provide care for those affected by any type of natural or man-made disaster.

The first priority is to get the fuel to the needed locations, but to be able to maintain their high standards of operation, they must be able to track where the fuel went and who received it. In a disaster situation, that mission becomes almost as complex as the actual delivery of the fuel.

We’ve developed a custom application that allows Macro to track the fuel, provide documentation to the customer as to where the fuel went and help the customer recover the costs associated with providing fuel to sub-contractors who are working to restore power and normalcy to the affected areas.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were “trial by fire” situations where we were able to help capture and organize a tidal wave of information into a manageable and understandable presentation.

BroComp, Inc. has the experience to be able to rapidly develop custom applications that tame unwieldy data flow.