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Professional Network and Surveillance Security

From virus protection to military grade firewalls to network based surveillance systems, BroComp has the expertise to keep your vital business processes secure and available. First class products with world class support are required in today’s world. We provide both.

Hardened Network Security| Keep your data safe and available
Your information is critical to your business, and we make sure that it stays where it belongs - in your organization. Continually updated anti-virus, intrusion protection and content filtering keeps the good data in and the bad data (and people) out.

Multi-protocol data retention | Don’t just rely on one backup protocol
Direct attached devices, network attached storage, private cloud and true cloud backups used in combination guarantee that your server and user information will be safe and accessible no matter what disaster may occur. Don’t just rely on a single protocol, we can provide you with a comprehensive data security plan that will work when all else fails.

Network based surveillance | Requires Network Expertise!

Network based surveillance requires network management and knowledge that is usually a secondary skillset to most “camera companies.” A surveillance system should allow you to retain and access your security footage in a straightforward and efficient manner. High quality hardware with flexible and powerful management software configured properly gives you the power to be in charge of your security without requiring advanced training.

Longevity in the industry  | Everyone is not an expert

BroComp has been in continuous, profitable operation since 1982. We know what it takes to remain competitive in an industry where half of all businesses fail in less than 5 years. Your friends nephew that just got laid off is probably not who you want to entrust with the well-being of the company you worked so hard to create.