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We’ve seen the changes in the software industry - some good, some not so good - and we have the experience and the ability to adapt to new technologies as they emerge. Our development schema is designed to be open-ended as far as scalability and extensibility are concerned.

BroComp, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Lynn Breaux, who received a degree in Computer Science in 1977. Lynn has focused on software development in an industry that has seen remarkable highs and lows over the past decades. We are an IBM Business Partner, a Best Software Business Partner, part of Microsoft’s MAPS program and have a long track record of serving our customers with enthusiasm and pride.  

Our Mission: Your profits

BroComp is a customer-oriented software developer. Our packages are designed to meet your requirements and help you work faster and smarter. We do not try to force your business into a software product that does not fit. If we cannot make our software fit you, we will tell you that we cannot do it.

We provide discerning customers with software that can be tailored to their individual needs. BroComp began life as a custom software shop, and our applications are designed to allow customizations to fit the way you do business. We might be a little more expensive (or not) than a canned package, but we design for return on investment.  

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